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This porcelain variety is grown on a family farm in the Eastern Townships. Porcelains are big, beautiful garlics in satiny white wrappers with just a blush of pink that are easy to peel. The taste is a medium hot, true garlic flavour that lasts for a long time – very hot when eaten raw.  They keep well (will store for 9 months to a year), and do well under a wide variety of growing conditions – very cold tolerant. Music hits the top of the charts when it comes to yields. In trials at Michigan State University, Music out-produced all others with a harvest of over 13,500 pounds per acre!   It is an Italian variety brought back to Canada by Al Music in the 1980s from his homeland. Averages about 5 big cloves per bulb.

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Botanical name
Allium sativum L.


4 cloves per square foot

Plant cloves 5 cm (2″) deep. Firm the soil with your fingertips.

Hottest and sunniest spot in your garden. pH around 6-6.5.

Over winter

Adapted to many climates, garlic is easy to grow and is bothered by few pests. Garlic is often planted as a companion to other plants to keep pests away.

Garlic cloves need to be planted in the late fall. We plant the cloves in late October or early November as we’re putting the beds to sleep for the winter.

Break apart head of garlic, but be careful not to damage the cloves. Press the clove into the earth. When spring growth begins, water to keep the soil slightly moist. As harvest approaches, watering should be less frequent to avoid moulding or staining. Garlic grows a “scape” that becomes curled at the top and ends up with seeds. Cut this scape off to redirect energy to bulb growth. The scape is absolutely delicious garlic taste – don’t throw it away!

8 months


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