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  • An edible landscaping and vegetable gardening service, installing residential, corporate and school gardens in and around Montreal.

  • Grow Vegetables

    Your home for organic vegetable gardening. Grow your own fresh organic vegetables in your backyard garden.

  • Grow Fruit

    Add fruit trees, berry patches and edible flowers to edible landscaping to make over your yard into an edible paradise.

  • Grow Flowers

    Replace your grass lawn with flowers! Your very own horticulturalist for a regular maintenance of your outdoor space with a personalized touch.

  • Back to the garden with Urban Seedling!
  • Garden Centre

    Montreal’s first organic garden centre for organic seeds, seedlings, custom vegetable gardening soil blend and gardening materials.

  • Good bye grass
    Grow Clover

    Are you tired of cutting your grass or weeding your lawn? Switch to Urban Clover, a lush, green, very low-maintenance lawn alternative.