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We are always looking for hard working skilled people for seasonal positions on our team. Urban seedling provides urban agriculture installation and planting services, garden creation and horticultural maintenance services, and landscape construction services. We also have a garden centre and online boutique. With further expected increasing demand for our services, we are currently hiring staff for all departments as well as in our administration.

Urban Seedling is a family owned and operated business. We believe that locally grown food is something that can be enjoyed by everyone, contributing to a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable community. Our shop is located in a park by the river at the Verdun municipal greenhouses and is a very pleasant and inclusive place to work.

Work at Urban Seedling

Who is a vegetable garden installer at Urban Seedling?

Vegetable Garden Installers are people who enjoy the outdoors and hard work. Installers have a long history of physical jobs and many have a background in farming or tree planting. They are very physical fit people with a deep love and knowledge for growing food, and especially appreciate a good kale salad or Swiss chard stir-fry. Installers do not back down from a problem, are bilingual, possess great autonomy and maturity. Their tasks are installation, maintenance and planting of tasty vegetable gardens. They must have a valid driver’s license for driving our Urban Seedling fleet. Vegetable garden installers work 40 hours a week starting mid April with spring plantings. Urban Seedling Installers are strong and determined minded individuals.

Garden Installer

Hiring garden installers to build and maintain customer gardens.

  • Must have driver’s license
  • Physically demanding job, lift heavy weights
  • Willingness to work outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Long hours during seasonal high
  • Competitive pay
  • Work in a diverse environment with a fun team!

Who is a greenhouse director at Urban Seedling?

The greenhouse director is a productive individual with a love for growing food. They are competent and skilled workers that have experience in the production of seedlings and greenhouse management. The Greenhouse director enjoys being out in the garden and teaching others, as such they posses experience in facilitation and workshops. They relish opportunities to bilingually share their love of plants with others and thus excel in sales and customer service, and overseeing interns.

Greenhouses assistants work 40 hours a week and have a valid drivers license. They are unique as they can do many different tasks in a day.

Greenhouse Manager

Hiring greenhouse director to manage greenhouse.

  • Oversee production of high quality, healthy seedlings
  • Manage the greenhouse environment & manage space/equipment/supplies
  • Maintain inventories of seeds, plants and growing supplies.
  • Manage greenhouse assistants
  • Coordinate volunteer program, animate volunteer days.
  • Research and maintain in depth knowledge of all Urban Seedling varieties.
  • Seasonal contract from February-October

Greenhouse Assistant

Hiring greenhouse assistants to help grow and care for this seasons garden varieties.

  • Must have driver’s license
  • 40 hour weeks
  • Competitive pay
  • Work in a diverse environment with a fun team!

Who is a garden centre sales representative at Urban Seedling?

Garden center representatives are detail-oriented, attentive people. They have a knowledge of ornamental and edible plants, organic gardening methods, have completed studies in horticulture, have worked in the field for at least two seasons. A valid driver’s license is a must! While having key skills in elaboration of garden plans, client management and a talent for customer service in both languages, their attention to detail means they are exceptional at caring for and keeping their truck and the workshop clean.

Garden Center Staff

Hiring customer service & sales staff

  • Full or part time seasonal
  • Competitive pay
  • Work in a diverse environment with a fun team!

Who is a horticuturalist at Urban Seedling?

Horticulturalists work 40 hours a week closely with their clients, providing personalized design and services as well as purchasing and sourcing any necessary materials.

One or two weeks off after the high season can be given on request. We do occasional barbecues to allow the different teams to get to know each other. Trucks will be provided for efficient travel to our various customers.


Hiring experienced horticulturalists for horticultural property maintenance.

  • Opening, maintenance and closing of flowerbeds and gardens
  • Planting of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals, weeding, watering, various sizes, mowing and sowing grass
  • Add potting soil, compost, natural fertilizer and mulch
  • Giving advice to customers
  • Have some knowledge of plants, annuals or perennials and a curiosity to learn more about them
  • Be comfortable with the use of landscaping tools in a safe manner (Ex: Hedge trimmer, mower, edger, secateurs, etc.)
  • Have a driver’s license and the ability to develop comfort in driving a truck through Montreal
  • Be in good enough physical shape to work big demanding days
  • Have some availability from Monday to Friday
  • Want to work in a very welcoming and open-minded environment (Ex: LGBTQIA2S+, respect for pronouns, no discrimination, racism or sexism tolerated, etc.)
  • Enthusiasm for eco-responsible gardening and biodiversity
  • A degree in horticulture and gardening is a great asset
  • Good ability to work in a team and independently
  • Politeness towards customers
  • Punctuality to start the working day early in the morning
  • Endurance for physical labor in all possible weather conditions
  • Good communication
  • Quick to complete tasks
  • French and English spoken fluently

Who is a landscaper at Urban Seedling?

Landscapers are strong and precise workers. Urban Seedling landscapers transform Montrealers’ yards into functional and beautiful living spaces. They have at least 5 years experience in excavation, unistone and retention wall building. They have had a valid driver’s license. Landscapers work 40 hours a week in various landscaping projects. They are bilingual and have a talent for customer service. Landscapers load, maintain and keep the vehicle and warehouse clean, and do not take kindly to people who do not keep the workspace clean. They keep order and are vigorous, robust individuals.


Looking for landscapers.

  • Must have driver’s license
  • Physically demanding job, lift heavy weights
  • Willingness to work outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Long hours during seasonal high
  • Experience with excavation, laying sod, uni-stone a plus
  • Competitive pay
  • Work in a diverse environment with a fun team!

Landscaping Foreman

Hiring experienced forman for landscape construction.

  • Must have driver’s license
  • Experience in excavation, leveling, installation and finishing of uni-stone and other hardscaping
  • Competitive pay
  • Work in a diverse environment with a fun team!

Who is an office administrator at Urban Seedling?

Office administrators are task masters with great attention to details. They are the link between the various parts of the business and are an integral part of planning and executing the services from these different parts. Strong computer skills are an asset to complete daily work and make solid decisions. They are bilingual and have a talent for customer service.

Administrative Staff

Hiring fast learning, detail oriented individuals for admistrator roles. Duties include scheduling, bookeeping, customer service and inventory management.

  • Excellent written communication skills in both English and French
  • Good fundamental computer skills – knowledge of excel a must
  • Knowledge of wordpress content management or quickbooks a plus
  • Competitive pay
  • Work in a diverse environment with a fun team!

Urban Seedling Internship Program

Our internship program is for professionals looking for an opportunity to get into the field and work in the greenhouse, in urban agriculture and horticulture.  The internship program is for individuals that have experience or are currently studying in horticulture or a related field.  Interns are supervised by the Greenhouse Manager.

Tasks may include:

  • Potting and transplanting young seedlings
  • Caring for young plants
  • Seeding trays
  • Maintenance of demonstration gardens
  • Pest and disease control
  • Serving and helping with garden customers
  • Maintaining cleanliness of workspace (greenhouse and store)
  • Any other tasks assigned by Greenhouse Manager

Urban Seedling is a dynamic, high-paced working environment looking for like-minded individuals.

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