Urban Clover Lawn

Tired of grass?

A great alternative is low-growing urban clover, a no-maintenance lawn alternative that can be beautified with wild flowers.

While grass has long been the ground cover of choice, this water- and labour-intensive plant has an easy replacement – urban clover! Urban Seedling’s urban clover is a popular lawn replacement alternative.

Here are some of its perks:

  1. It only grows between 10-20 cm (4-6″), and requires no mowing beyond the first few times.
  2. Clover doesn’t require fertilizing and is incredibly resistant to drought, so also doesn’t need to be watered.
  3. It is cold resistant, so becomes a lovely green colour long before and long after grass does.
  4. Finally, clover provides food and habitat for beneficial insects, which will help your vegetable garden flourish!

Prices determined upon initial consultation.

*note: establishing a clover mono-culture requires excavating all existing turf, setting up a temporary irrigation system, and up to two seasons of return visits for weeding and re-seeding. It therefore costs approximately double the cost of sodding with grass.

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