Here’s what our clients have to say:

I have only positive comments about my experience with Urban Seedling (two summers). My abundant garden was just that – abundant. Both Shawn and Tereska do what they promise and are always keen to help.
I’m looking forward to working with them this spring.
~ Diane (novice gardener and Urban Seedling fan)

Making a garden with this team is fantastic! They stay with you the whole season, which makes a huge difference. Guidance comes in both written and video format so is well understood and effectively implemented. A winning formula!
~ Danielle 

We have a property between two of the busiest streets in Montreal, which fortunately has a south facing backyard with lots of sun. After years of trying to cultivate vegetables without much success we discovered Urban Seedling and had them renovate the garden with new boxes, proper vine supports, good soil, organic fertilizer, appropriate plant selection and automatic irrigation. We were overwhelmed with the productivity of the new garden. We had to give away many pounds of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, arugula, chard, kale, edible flowers, herbs and ground cherries. See the photos. Urban Seedling does everything except weed, trim the vines and keep the insects in check. They give you lots of information on how to do these tasks with regular emails. We also planted pear, plum and cherry trees and raspberry and blueberry bushes which should start producing next year. Keep posted.
~ Colin 

It was educational for my kid and the whole family, and it helped him understand how vegetables end up in our plate and how fresh and tasty it could be!
~ Jinnie

I have been pretty delighted with the garden. We have had lettuce all summer so far, finished the radishes. I just pulled out 6 beautiful beets and 4 turnips. The beans are still going strong and I am going to have a ton of tomatoes.
I will have to figure out how to dry the herbs, because there are a lot of them which I use as I cook.
Heartfelt thanks for your help. The garden is marvelous and I am grateful.
~ Suzanne

“[Your system] actually makes a lot of sense! It sounds like you have created a support system that helps us newbies hit the ground running!”
~ Adrienne

Urban Seedling does our garden at home. We absolutely love it. I’m glad to see the company is growing! Can’t wait for our garden this year. Keep up the great work.
~ Roberto

Thank you so much, Tereska! Your info goes a long way in reassuring me. I am feeling a little more confident about taking care of the garden every day, especially since I’ve seen nice progress on most of the leafy greens (except the spinach) and small sprouts on the peas.
~ Diane

We have been supremely pleased with our garden and have been telling anyone who will listen that they should get one.  We have been eating our lettuce non stop.
~ Nicole

What did you put in there??? Miracle Grow? These veggies are on steroids! My balcony looks like Jurassic Park!!! Seriously, my daughter and I are NOW eating green! EVERYDAY! That is one beautiful miracle.
And I’m spreading the love with neighbours and coworkers. This is truly a beautiful idea you’ve put into place.
~ Brigitte

By the way, I keep referring your team customers, everyone who comes over is in awe of our garden, it was the best investment we made all year! We are thinking of expanding it for next year.  What a great concept, keep up the amazing work!
~ Karen

Finally, I just want to let you know that this was the best experience ever!!! We truly enjoy the garden, taking care of it, seeing the veggies grow, etc. We learn so much (especially my son). He now enjoys eating his greens and he is the first one out everyday to see what we will cook that day.
Thank you so much!!!
~ Natacha

We have loved our garden and did refer you to a client who put in a garden this year also. Next year you may have another client or two that we referred. We have so enjoyed the garden.
We are looking forward to another year of the garden. It was truly amazing.
~ Cindy

I would like to congratulate you and your entire team for the incredible customer service we enjoyed, it made a huge difference to me and my team. We will go as long as we possibly can this autumn, as the lettuces are looking great and I will definitely recommend continuing this project for the future.
Thanks again to you and Shawn.
~ Colin
Colin Griffin, Executive Chef, Aldo Group