One-stop shop to get gardens and vegetable gardens at your taste!

With nearly 10 years of experience in landscaping and more specifically in the creation of edible spaces such as organic vegetable gardens, plant walls, etc., Urban Seedling is now recognized as a leader in edible landscaping in urban areas and the creation of green spaces that reduce heat islands!

You dream about getting an edible oasis? We have the services and products for you!

Tailored Vegetable Garden

Urban Seedling is the one stop shop for all of your vegetable garden needs. We can build you a custom vegetable garden, delivering seedlings to your door or having them ready for pick-up at our Garden Centre located in Verdun; provide full maintenance from our experienced gardeners; and even bring gardens to your home, schoolyard and workplace.


Urban Seedling’s highly qualified landscaping team can completely transform your yard. We do it all. Looking to create an edible paradise? Our team of horticulturalists offers a highly personalized service.

We can create gardens of medicinal plants, or of pollinators filled with indigenous plants. Perhaps your yard needs some maintenance, or you are thinking of moving to organic lawn care or even a new clover lawn. Maybe you are looking to add a unistone patio or a pergola to complete your yard. Whatever the need, Urban Seedling has the expertise to guide you through your yard transformation.

Horticulture and yard-maintenance

We offer a customizable yard-maintenance package to help you keep your flower gardens, hedges and shrubs looking their best.

We will keep your yard looking its very best with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance visits. You will be paired with one of our skilled horticulturalists to ensure a highly personalized service. Our horticulturalist will take care of all of your maintenance needs, as well as new garden designs.

We also offer horticultural maintenance for condominium complexes and corporate offices.

Carpentry Services

In addition to our many services that allow you to have the most beautiful gardens and vegetable gardens in town, Urban Seedling can also build for you installations made of Canadian wood to create nice patio, pergola or any outdoor project!

School Vegetable Gardens

Urban Seedling helps schools plan, build, plant and maintain a school vegetable garden. We aim to fully involve students and teachers in our workshops on vegetable gardening. We will help your school to take care of the vegetable garden during the summer, bring fresh ideas for students and for learning in the garden, install indoor gardens, continue and manage the project, give additional workshops or ideas for new workshops.

A vegetable garden is a wonderful way to build relationships with the community, between parents and teachers, and between the children themselves.

We also offer school-based workshops on a variety of topics.

Community Vegetable Gardens

Gardening during lunch time is now possible! More and more employers are offering corporate community gardens for their employees in their workplaces. We plant three times a year during lunch hours and do monthly follow-up workshops, in addition to closing the garden.

A wonderful way to increase the sense of belonging within a group, to offer relaxing moments to your employees and to create opportunities for exchange between colleagues.