The school seedling sale fundraiser project is a way for schools to raise money for trips, activities and other projects by encouraging parents to purchase their seeds, seedlings and organic vegetable gardening products through Urban Seedling’s online boutique.
This project also helps promote learning about healthy eating habits through discovering the joys of growing your own vegetables; a fun, healthy and educational outdoor activity for families .

School Fundraisers Project

Grow for your community

How it works :

  • The participating school is issued a link to Urban Seedling’s online boutique, and a promo code unique to their institution.
  • The landing page directs the parent to select from one of four gardening packages and/or to shop à la carte from the online boutique. Upon checkout the parent enters the schools promo code
  • The parents pay the same amount as if they were ordering from the urbanseedling online boutique regularly
  • All products ordered using the promo code will be delivered to the school on an arranged date for distribution to the parents and families 
  • The school will receive a 15% commission from each package purchased and for each item purchased à la carte, which is paid after delivery of the products .
  • Delivery dates are between may 15th and June 25th weather permitting.

Learn more about the packages below

Assorted seeds and seedlings package

  • one tomato seedling
  • one cucumber seedling
  • one sweet pepper seedling
  • one eggplant seedling
  • one nasturtium seedling (edible flower)
  • one 4 pack of lettuce seedlings
  • one pack of bean seeds
  • one pack of radish seeds
  • one pack of carrot seeds
  • one 4 pack of herbs (basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano)

Cost: 48$

The student gardener package

Perfect for balconies or yards. Includes:
  • one “little acre junior” 2’x3’ grow bag
  • 2x 85L of custom organic soil blend.

Cost: 84$

“Essential” raised bed garden construction package.

  • Material to build one 10'x3' raised bed vegetable garden
  • Two 2” x 8” x 10’ and two 2” x 8” x 3’ planks of hemlock
  • 12’ x 4’ geotextile
  • 4 triangular and 4 L-shaped black corner brackets
  • 18” tall plastic mesh fencing
  • Four 3’3” rebar posts painted black for rust-proofing
  • 3” Tie wraps 1 pack
  • Black steel trellis frame 6’6” tall, 10’ wide
  • Trellis netting with 6’ x 6’ net spacing
  • 20 cubic feet of Custom ultra-rich Urban Seedling vegetable gardening soil blend. Pre-mixed with compost, peat-moss, coconut coir, organic black earth and natural, organic fertilizers

Cost: 409.20$

Organic fertilizer package.

  • one 5L bag of worm castings
  • one 250ml bottle of liquified sea weed
  • one 250ml bottle of fish emulsion
  • one 50g bag of soil activator

Cost 49$

A la carte option.

Parents can decide to create their own package by selecting their seeds , seedlings and gardening products from our online boutique. A la carte Items can also be added to selected packages.

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