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Reserve your vegetable garden

Seedling care tips

We suggest starting your leafy-greens and fruiting vegetables at the end of March. By now your seedlings should have come up and start showing their true leaves. Make sure that you do not have them covered! Remove any domes or plastic and let that air circulate! This will greatly reduce chances of molds or diseases. If you have planted in cell trays, or have planted many seeds in one pot, it is time to transplant your seedlings.

Each plant needs it’s own pot to grow in! Leafy-greens like lettuce, kale or spinach should each have a 3″ pot, and fruiting-vegetables like tomatoes, peppers or eggplants should each have a 4″ pot to grow in. We like Cowpots, because they degrade easily so can be planted directly garden. Once the true leaves show up, you should water once per week with Kelp Fertilizer to keep seedlings growing well!

If you haven’t started any seedlings at home – not to worry! We start all of our 85 varieties of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers! The cold hardy vegetables will be ready for purchase at our Garden Centre by the end of April.

100 degrès conference 

at the Verdun Greenhouses

To build more resilient communities, we must support the links between citizens, community organizations, businesses and the neighbourhood or borough. This is exactly the mission of the Grand Potager: Centre for UrbanAgriculture. During this conference, Tereska Gesing share the dreams that led to the development of this inspiring project and will reveal her vision of the future.

Following the conference, join the guided tour and discover this thriving urban agriculture hub that brings members of the Montreal community closer together!

Earth Day Easter Egg Hunt!

Are you looking for something to do Easter Monday? On April 22, celebrate Earth Day as a family at the Grand Potager. Activities for children from 10:00am to 2:00pm to learn about growing your own fruits and vegetables and caring for our planet earth

11:00 easter egg hunt in the vegetable gardens.
For children 0 to 10 years old please.