The Abundance Vegetable Garden

The perfect package gives a family of four a bounty of fresh vegetables from their own organic vegetable garden all summer long. Lots of variety and lots of volume!

While the Abundance garden is still small enough to fit comfortably in an urban setting, the extra space will give you room for a lush little piece of paradise. We build two wood-framed raised beds divided by a mulched path with a side garden of beautiful edible flowers and herbs. If you have 9 square meters (100 square feet) to spare in a nice sunny spot, this package is for you.

Each raised bed is surrounded by a low fence to keep animals out of your organic vegetable garden. The vine vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber and peas climb a handy trellis on a black metal frame on a 3 m x 60 cm (10′ x 2′) raised bed. On the other side of the mulched path is a 3 m x 1 m (10′ x 3′) raised bed with short, dense rows of roquette, lettuce, beets, carrots, bok choy, radish, eggplant, chard and kale. We divide up the beds into square feet, which gives you space to plant 50 different varieties of vegetable!

We plant your garden with organic vegetable seedlings 3 times per year, in season and come back a fourth time at the end of the season to put your garden bed to sleep for the winter and plant garlic for the following year. The beds are made of a natural light coloured wood, with the option to upgrade to a stained finish for $50. We only use our soil mix, specially formulated to be optimal for vegetable gardening.

We do not use any synthetic or chemical products in our gardens. Ever.

We send you a weekly newsletter to let you know what to expect from your garden, and what you should be doing to keep it performing at it’s best. You have access to our seasonal gardening workshops and unlimited phone and email support for any and all gardening questions.

We do all the hard stuff and heavy lifting, so all you have to do is water, enjoy the garden… and eat like you’ve never eaten vegetables before.