Eat your greens!?

Your garlic needs a moment

This is the time of year that will make or break your garlic bulb’s growth and it will only take about 3 seconds plus some eating time!

Garlic scape

Shown above is a photograph of the garlic flower we need to cut! This curly tail coming out of the top of your garlic is the garlic flower, also called a garlic scape, and it is taking all of the energy of the plant in order to go to seed. We don’t want that, we want to redirect that precious energy to make the bulbs underground grow big and beautiful. At 2 curls you will need to break this off! The best part is that these “garlic scapes” are fresh with green garlic flavour and very delicious to eat. Around this time of year you will notice these for sale all over at local farmers markets! 

Chop these off, eat them fresh or fried. Enjoy!

It’s time to EAT your GREENS!

Things are getting hot out here, this week especially is reaching humidex values of 40 degrees celsius! This means that both you and your garden need to drink lots of water!

Because it is so hot, your spring greens ( ie. lettuce, tatsoi, mizuna, & radish), all will be finishing up their life cycles. Please refer to the video in the title above to get the best tips about how to harvest those loving greens while they are at their best. What’s great about life’s cycle is that once you remove those spring plants this weekend then your summer veggies (ie. aubergine, tomatoes, peppers) can use that free space and nutrition to start producing your summer goods! If your greens have already started flowering, it is important to cut the flower at the base of the stem and Let’s start making those salads!

To learn how to make space for your summer vegetables watch:

Summer plant lovin’ 

As we head into the next summer growing phase, these plants you have growing are high calorie fruit producing plants! This means that they heavily eat a lot of the good stuff that your soil holds in order to live their best life. In order to get the most potential out of these plants you will need to fertilize once in July when the plants need to boost to grow in size and then once again in August when they start to produce flowers to boost the energy for the fruit production.  This is an agricultural essential for getting that healthy and abundant fruit that we want. Here at our Urban Seedling hub, we have stocked up with organic nutrient-rich fertilizers called fish emulsion and algae formula.

Feel free to grab your bikes and come restock when need to! We stock the best for our plant friends.