Eat your greens!?

Get your summer hoppin’

We have HOPS in the garden center. The hop plant is a vigorous, climbing, herbaceous perennial, usually trained to grow up strings and trellises. They can be used as decorative greenery in your garden, medicinally or as flavoring beer and other beverages as they impart floral, fruity, or citrus flavours and aromas. The two varieties we have in stock at our garden center are the Centennial and Chinook for $20 (tax included) per plant.

Late start? No problem!

We still have tons of plants in the garden center to help you get your garden going for this summer including tomatoespeppers (hot ones too), auberginesstrawberries and many more. We are will also have a fresh shipment of soil for this weekend so we have all you need to get caught up with the planting season.


If your summer vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, etc…) are in your garden already, they will soon need some extra room to grow. Don’t forget to harvest those leafy greens while they are at their best, and so that your summer veggies can start producing. If your greens have already started flowering, it is important to cut the flower at the base of the stem and Let’s start making those salads!

Learn how to make space for your summer vegetables: