Fruits and Berries

Delicious, delectable – 
Grow your own dessert

Urban Seedling wants to make your backyard beautiful, simple and productive. In addition to a raised-bed organic vegetable garden we will also incorporate that vegetable garden into your new edible yard with fruit trees, berry patches and edible flower and herb gardens.

Already doing it yourself? Come visit our Garden Centre – Montreal’s first entirely dedicated to growing fruit and vegetables in the city. There are a wide variety of fruit trees and berries that grow very well in our northern climate. We offer only semi-dwarf trees topping out at 3.7 metres (12 feet) tall so they can fit in an urban edible yard. In just 0.6 square metres (6 square feet), a berry patch will give you loads of berries for your family.

Check out the fruit section of our online Garden Centre, or contact us to book a consultation if you would like us to plant your fruit for you.