Apple – Honeycrisp


Lives up to its name – a remarkably sweet-tart, crisp apple with excellent flavour and a good balancing acidity and a crisp, juicy texture. The attractive apples are medium to large in size, with a light green-yellow background and red-orange blush. Best with a pollinator. Developed at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  The apples ripen evenly and hold well on the tree and can be harvested over an extended period. Very cold hardy.

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Botanical name
Malus Pumila MN#1711


Semi-Dwarf: 3.6-4.6 m (12-15′)
Dwarf: 2.4-3 m (8-10′)

Dig the hole deep and wide enough so the root system has plenty of room. Plant to the same depth as it was in its container, with the graft union above the soil line.

A location with full sun, good air circulation, well-drained loamy soil, pH 6-6.5.

Some of the common problems include cedar apple rust, codling moths, leafrollers, aphid infestations, apple scab, scale and fireblight. Commercial growers control these using standard sprays. In the home garden, adding calcium to the soil and treating with both antifungal oils and horticultural oils deter the spread of both diseases and insects.

Plant as early in the spring as possible.

Keep soil mulched, prune regularly.

Early September