Apricot – Morden


Golden yellow fruit with deep orange flesh. Ripens mid-August. Excellent for home preservatives. Self pollinating. Grows 4 m (13′) tall and 4 m wide. Very hardy. Blanketed in clusters of fragrant shell pink flowers along the branches in early spring, from which emerge distinctive pink flower buds. The leaves are green throughout the season and yellow in the fall.

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Botanical Name
Prunus armeniaca ‘Morden 604’


Grows 4 m (13′) tall and 4 m wide.

Prepare a hole that is about twice the size of the root mass. Dig in one bucketful of well-rotted organic material before planting. 

Well-drained, loamy soil with a pH of about 6.5. Full sun, and a well-protected site.

Common pests are the peach tree borer, while common diseases include brown rot and peach scab. Brown rot is a fungal disease of stone fruit which is more prevalent during wet, humid weather.

Plant during the dormant season from November to March. Autumn is ideal as the soil is still warm.

Water newly-planted trees frequently as they establish in their first spring and summer, and before the onset of drought, when mature trees may need watering too. This is particularly important when the fruit starts to swell. Mulch around the rooting area with a 5-cm (2″) layer of well-rotted manure, in March and early April.