Hops – Chinook


Self-pollinating perennial vine, popular in North-American beer crafting.

Chinook Hops has a distinctive pine aroma with hints of spice and fruitiness.

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Hardiness Zone Range
Zones 3 to 8

Partial Shade to Full Sun
Loamy Soil Composition
Trellis and or wall to climb

Spacing and Depth
Mature size: 15 – 20′ tall x 3 – 10′ wide. We recommend spacing these plants 8 – 15′ apart to ensure room for growth.

Growth Rate
Moderate and neat

Harvesting and Yield
Medium sized, dense cones, easy to harvest, generous yield, ready for picking in August

Disease, Pests and Resistance
Susceptible to Hop Mosaic Virus (HpMV), attracts Japanese beetles. Various natural treatments available.
Somewhat resistant to powdery mildew and verticillium wilt.