Kale – Red Russian


Sometimes known as Ragged Jack, Red Russian has a very different sweet taste that is not bitter like traditional varieties of curly kale. Since it keeps its sweet flavour, can be eaten as baby leaf or fully grown. Given its crimson veining and frilly velvety grey-green leaves that are shaped like big oak leaves, is beautiful enough to have as an ornamental plant in your flower beds. The purple colours become richer after frost.

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Botanical name
Brassica napus subsp. pabularia


One plant per square foot. Very tall and wide. Back row only, so it doesn’t shade out other smaller plants. Can grown to 90 cm (3′) in height.

Plant seeds 6 mm (¼”) deep. Do not pack down soil to make it easier for sprouts to reach the light.

Best in full sun, but can handle a bit of shade. pH around 6-6.5

Seeds will sprout in 7-14 days.

Can be susceptible to cabbage moth caterpillars. Check your plants regularly and remove any green caterpillars. They like the underside of leaves.

Kale is a very hardy vegetable. Plant it as early as possible, first week of April. Best to direct sow, but you can get an early start indoors a couple of weeks earlier.

Kale grows like crazy. Just plant it and let it go! It is frost hardy, and actually becomes sweeter in the cold weather. It is pest and disease resistant.

50 days

Cool, annual

 Super easy kale with pecans