Lemon – Meyer


Meyer lemons are smaller and rounder compared to the standard (Eureka or Lisbon) lemon. These are thought to be a cross between the mandarin and the common lemon due to their darker, thinner, smoother rind. Meyer lemons also have a darker, sweeter pulp than their more common counterparts, these lemons can actually be enjoyed raw in salads or added to desserts.

These plants should not be planted in the ground in North American climates as they aren’t very cold-hardy. They can be grown in pots indoors up to 3′-4′ tall. They have a high fruit production in the spring and will also produce beautiful, fragrant white flowers.

The plants will require full sun exposure, a well-draining soil, frequent fertilization and water to keep the soil moist at all times. If/when the plant is kept indoors (especially in the winter when the is heat turned on) the leaves of this plant will require regular spraying with water.


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