Pest Control – Nematodes: for grubs, Japanese beetles


Are skunks or raccoons digging up your lawn? Do you have large patches of dead grass? These are signs that you have lawn grubs. Lawn grubs are the larval stage of May/June beetles, Japanese beetles and European chafers. Lawn Guardian consists of beneficial nematodes that are microscopic worms which are native to Canada. Lawn Guardian is a mix of two nematodes, one that is close to the surface, approximately 7,6 cm (3″), and one that goes deeper, approximately 18 cm (7″). NIC nematodes are isolated Canadian strains that are produced by NIC in Ontario on a live host. They are fresher, more keyed to Canadian pests and 100% organic. Competely safe for people, pets, birds, plants and even earthworms. Shipped on sponges.


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