Voandzu – Vigna Subterranea



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Common Name
Bambara Groundnut

30 cm (1 foot) between plants.

Full sun, well-drained soil, high temperatures

120 – 140 days.

This high yield African legume can be grown in harsh conditions – poor sandy soil and dry heat. It is easier to harvest in well-drained soils. The optimum temperature for germination of Bambara bean is 30 – 35°C. Like the peanut, it forms pods and seeds on or just below the ground. Mature beans can be eaten boiled. Native to Africa, the voandzu or ground pea is now widespread in tropical Africa, Asia (especially India) and Latin America. The seeds of voandzu are eaten boiled or fried. They are also used to make pancakes and doughnuts and are tastier before they are fully ripe.