Wildflower Honey Flower Mix


One packet of mixed, low-maintenance pollinator flowers covers approximately 100 square feet. Mix smallest seeds with a handful of loose dry sand to help spread evenly.

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This blend of low-maintenance annual and perennial flower varieties can be used to create a colorful garden for butterflies and bees. These flowers produce a large amount of nectar. Sow the seeds between early May and mid-June, or from late September to late October, as the seeds must go through a cold period for best germination rate.

In an area that gets full or mostly full sun, prepare a weed free flower bed. Turn the soil to loosen and aerate and scatter the seeds by hand. Sprinkle a thin layer of soil over the seeds, to dissuade birds or wind from taking them away. Water gently, so as not to create pools and rivulets that the seeds could be carried away in. Water every day or two during the first year.

New England Aster
Black-Eyed Susan
Butterfly Herb
Eastern Columbine
Perennial Gaillardia
Lance-Leaved Coreopsis
Perennial Lupine
Purple Coreopsis
White Clover
Wild Bergamot

Corn Poppy
Lemon Mint
Partridge Pea