Summer is finally here!?

The heat has arrived, let you garden enjoy it.

The good weather has arrived, night temperatures are getting warmer and warmer, summer has officially begun! It’s time to remove your floating coverand let your plants enjoy it!

How to maintain your vegetable garden

It is very important to spend a little time daily or weekly in your garden. The plants are in full growth, which is why it is important to weed your garden, you can do it manually or with a hoe. It is also time to thin your seedlings, for example; your radishes, carrots and beets that you have planted. Every plant needs space and nutrients and any competition prevents them from having access to them properly.

Watering, not to be neglected.

We had a cold and rainy spring, but now that the sun is among us! However, it is important not to forget to water your vegetable garden. To avoid flooding it is very important to touch the soil to check its humidity level before each watering. If it needs water, favour the morning and late evening period, watering in the middle of the day can be lost due to a high evaporation rate and can even create burns on the leaves of plants. You can always opt for automatic irrigation with our irrigation programmer.

New Arrivals in the garden center

For the first time in the history of our garden center, we have received hop plants! In addition, this week marks the official release of summer vegetables. Come visit us in store to see our many varieties and start your summer planting!