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Learning from Urban Seedling

A vegetable garden is a great place to learn all about your world. We will come to you for educational workshops in schools, at the workplace or even in your own home garden. Details follow below. Contact us for availability and rates.

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Caring for fruit trees and their companions

Fruit trees and berry patches grow famously in the city and make a delicious addition to any yard or green space. Learn how to choose the perfect variety for your yard, and how to plant and care for your backyard orchard.

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Biological Organic Pest Control: Beneficial Insects

Learn to recognize the useful insects in your garden and to attract them through companion planting. During this practical workshop you will be able to set up a calendar for the use of beneficial insects.  This type of biological plant protection will beef up the presence of good insects in the garden.

Transform your harvest

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the basics of home-made ferments with Fermentista Lia Chiasson. You’ll leave with your very own jar of kraut and a recipe book to get you started fermenting at home!
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Edible Landscaping: Growing Food in Your Own Yard

Learn how to transform your yard into an edible oasis. Come and explore the magic of growing your own food in the city. Urban Seedling will guide you through designing your yard to be Simple, Beautiful and Productive. Learn how to incorporate fruit trees, berry patches, herb and edible-flower gardens and vegetable gardens into your yard.

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Plant Health: Composting, Companion Planting and Soil Fertility

You will learn how to care for your garden by building up a healthy and natural ecosystem. Learn how to make your own  A++ compost with your green scraps and how to sustain those magnificent microorganisms and good bacteria to maintain an ultra-rich and fertile garden soil. Make the most of your gardening season with the help of companion planting to protect your delicious veggies.

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Vegetable Gardening in the City

Come and explore the magic of growing your own food in the city. We will guide you through how to over come the obstacles to vegetable gardening in the city, and specifically in Montreal’s particular growing season. At the Urban Seedling organic vegetable gardening workshop we will teach you how to plan, plant and care for your home organic vegetable garden, whether you are gardening in your balcony in your backyard or even on your rooftop.

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Urban Gardening: Solutions for the Balcony Garden

A comparison of the pros and cons of six planting possibilities for different balcony gardens. In this workshop we examine techniques for overcoming the challenges of urban gardening. We will show how to maximize restricted spaces, a lack of sunlight and especially a shortage of time. You will learn the proportions needed for the perfect potting soil, general vegetable gardening knowledge, the varieties of fruit and vegetables to grow, and you will leave with a calendar of dates specific for balcony gardening.

Urban Herbalism: Identification, Growing and Preparation of Medicinal Plants

Find out about the basic methods of preparing and preserving medicinal plants: tinctures, vinegars, infusions,  honeys and oils. Discover plants that grow near you and how you can integrate them in your daily life. As part of the workshop, we will take a walk in the area to identify some urban medicinal plants.