And the onset of cold weather

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How the cold changes your garden

Now that the night time temperatures are dipping below 10 degrees things will change a bit in your garden.

First off, to help your tomatoes ripen before the frost, you should cover them at night with your floating row cover, or a light sheet. This will keep the warmer daytime air close to the tomato vine. Also, cutting the tops of your tomato vines (topping) is a great way to focus energy into ripening your green tomatoes by the end of the year. Here is a video for more detailed instructions.

Your leafy greens will start to change as the weather gets colder. Swiss chard and kale leaves will darken and get crisper. Your fresh new greens, lettuce, spinach, roquette will also be crisper darker and sweeter than they were in the spring and summer.

Make sure to keep on watering especially since it hasn’t been raining much. To protect your newest additions you need to keeps slugs out of the garden. If beer traps and hand picking aren’t cutting it, try an iron phosphate based slug killer like Sluggo, or Slug-be-gone. It is a bit of a harsher option, but still approved for organic gardening.

Don’t for get to thin your radish and bok choy if they were sown from seed in your garden.

Fall garden salad with walnuts and apples
Pickling veggies

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