Fall Garden Care

Kale Fall Garden

Your fall greens should be coming along nicely. Leafy greens love the cool weather and this brings out their colours. The reds and the purples will deepen and the leaves will have more of a crunch to them a more robust flavour.

September has been very warm up until now, so some of the less heat-tolerant greens have started to bolt, especially the spinach and roquette in the sunnier gardens. Make sure to pinch back those flowers to refocus the energy of the plant into growing leaves.

If you have radish in your garden, the sprouts should be starting to come up. Don’t forget to thin them so that they have enough space to grow. See my video below on how to do this.

Continue to harvest your tomatoes, eggplants, and summer crops. This is a good time of year to do a garden clean up: weeding, removing dead leaves, cutting off branches. If you have some  beans that are too ripe (get have gotten big and no longer good to eat) you can add them to soups. They make a tasty addition any fall meal.

Some of you may of noticed some little brown mushrooms in your garden. You can simply remove them. This is a great indicator of good life and lots of organic matter in the soil. If you like the way they look, you can also leave them in. They are not dangerous to the garden, or to people.