Garden Maintenance Early-September

Hi Gardners,

We are now into the coasting season. With no plantings left, we just keep the garden watered and weeded. Even most garden pests are on to their next stage in their life cycle.

You should pick the vegetables as they are ready. For now it will be mostly tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers and zucchini. The replanted lettuce, carrots, beets and spinach will still be small. If you planted from seed, make sure to thin to one plant per spot once the seedlings come up. Each plant needs space to grow, and if you leave all of the seedlings that come up, none of them will grow well.

Some of your flowers, herbs, kale or chard may be huge and taking up way too much space. Please cut them back to give light, space and resources to the little plants in your garden. If you have any compost left, this would be a great time to add it to your garden to give your last season a great start.

Happy gardening!

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