Gardening maintenance guide last week of May (Already!?)

Hello, My things are moving in the garden this week! With the warm weather and all this sunshine, your veggies should be doing very nicely. Although, for those of you who started early-mid May, your garden will still need some time to get established. Here is a great guide to how each vegetable likes to be harvested: GUIDE The carrots and beets take a very long time to get established, so don’t worry if they are still quite small. For an April-planted garden, they will still only be a couple of inches tall. You will probably be harvesting spinach, radishes and lettuce. Make sure to cut all of your spinach and roquette plants sooner rather than later as they will start to bolt (flower) which will make them tough and bitter. Spinach, lettuce and roquette(arugula) are “cut-and-come-again” plants which means that you can harvest them by cutting the whole plant about an inch above the soil level, and the plant will grow again! Harvesting in this way prevents bolting. Please remember to keep up with weeding, and spreading cayenne pepper around the fence to deter animals. Covering the ground with coffee grounds helps a lot to keep slugs away. And of course, make sure to water every couple of days – especially in this heat! Here are some photos to explain about thinning: In the first photo, there are four carrot sprouts all in a bunch. In the second photo there is just one. I removed the 3 extra by cutting with a small pair of scissor at ground level. Please let me know if you have any questions about your garden. Happy gardening!

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