Get your garden back

peas on trellis

Remove peas, put tomatoes on the trellis

Now that it is hotter then H-E-double-hockey-sticks out there, your pea vines are surely past their prime. In this special edition of the Urban Seedling Newsletter, our own Shawn Manning takes you through one of our client’s garden to bring her garden back to beautiful.

In Part One, Shawn shows you that the pea vines rip out easily from the garden. Simply pull on the vine to detach it from the trellis and tomato plants as well as pulling it’s roots out of the soil.

Next, in Part Two, see how Shawn removes any pea vines that have travelled over into the bean squares. Bean vines are more fragile than the Tomato vines, so take out your clippers and cut out the pea vines from around the bean vines. A little trickier!

Part Three teaches you how to weave full sized tomato vines onto your trellis to fully take advantage of your vertical growing space. This is important to keep the tomato vines away from your other vegetables. If the tomato vines are shading out your peppers or eggplants they will not bear fruit!

And finally, The Reveal! A beautiful clean garden to finish out the season in abundance.

It is time to harvest your garlic and onions. Did you know that there is no such thing as green peppers? You can certainly harvest them green if that is how you prefer them, but if you wait long enough all peppers will change colour – usually red, orange or yellow. That goes for hot peppers as well. Ripe peppers are sweeter or hotter than their green ones.

Harvest peppers and tomatoes as soon as they change colour, cucumbers zucchini and beans early and often, eggplants, beets and carrots as soon as they are big enough. Harvest larger outer leaves of kale, swiss chard and beet greens as greens for your salad and chop herbs and roquette from the top for delicious additions to salads and cooking. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter – a harvesting video series.