Ground Beetle


This beetle is just one of many species which get the name “Common Black Ground Beetle.” Many of the different species are very similar. This ground beetle can grow a little over 1 cm (½”) long. It is nearly all black with some dark reddish-brown colouring on antennae and legs. Many grooves run lengthwise down the beetle’s wings.


A must-have in the garden. One of the only natural predators of slugs and snail – the two most pesky pests in the vegetable garden. Because they’re nocturnal (digging down into mulch and other organic matter during the day) they’re great at keeping those night-time pests under control. Slugs, snails, and cutworms are just three of the more than 50 types of pests the ground beetle hunts.


Because they make their homes and lay their eggs in decaying plant matter, you’ll want to mulch your garden well, all year long. Perennials also provide a good place for them to overwinter.