Here comes rain

Apple Tree

Finally some rain! This is great news for the garden however, this also means that you need to be wary of slugs. They chew irregular holes in leafs and eat decaying matter in the garden. Your fall leafy green seedlings are particularly vulnerable to the slugs. Make sure to keep your garden clean and to remove any debris. The best way to deal with slugs is handpicking them or putting out traps. You can easily make handmade traps at home by burying a small yoghurt container in the garden and filling it 1/3 with beer. Make sure to empty and refresh daily.

If you have not planted your fall crop yet, it is not too late to come by our shopand buy some beautiful fall seedlings.

Upcoming September 17th: Fruit Tree and Berry Workshop! Like and share our facebook event and spread the word. This is unique opportunity to learn how to get fruit and berries into your garden. This is a great workshop to get you started, you don’t have to have fruit in your yard to enjoy! Buy your tickets by clicking here or reserve by replying to this email. This workshop will also be offered in french.

At this time of year, I like to harvest the coriander seeds from my coriander plants. The coriander should now be all brown as coriander has a very short life cycle. Harvest the seed on dry day, grind them to use in stews or keep them for planting next year. The harsh conditions this season, have been tough for our vegetables however, herbs have been thriving in gardens. This is a good time to cut back any herbs and dry them for the winter or use them to infuse a vinegar.

Happy Gardening!

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