It’s time to order your beneficial insects

Garden Sprouting

We seem to be through the coolest weather (fingers crossed) if the nights do dip below optimal temperatures (10 degrees for warm weather tomato, pepper, eggplant plantings) your floating row cover gives you a 2 or 3 degrees of protection.

Dont forget to thin your seedlings once they germinate. It is crucial for each plant to have enough space to grow well. Carrots and radishes need 2″ (5 cm) each. For beets you need 3″ (7 cm). If you have over-seeded, you must remove the extra seedlings. Choose the strongest one and remove the rest. You can transplant root vegetables if you do it carefully. Here is a video for more details.

Since we did not have a very cold winter, chances are good that we will have a lot of pest insects in the garden this year. To help keep those populations in check we have a beneficial insect program this year. It is currently time to order your trichogramma. These little creatures protect your garden from caterpillars – especially the cabbage moth. If your problem is large ragged holes in your kale, bok choy, broccoli or cabbage, this is your solution.

They are sold in cards, one for 1000 square feet of space. Treat with one card per week for 5 weeks starting now! To order, respond to this email.

If your problem is the Japanese Beetle in your plants or white grubs under your soil, nematodes are your solution. They are microscopic worms indigenous to Canada. It is an effective and ecological solution. They are sold in a water soluble form to spray on your lawn and garden. One sponge covers 2000 square feet. It is time to apply them now. To order, respond to this email.