It’s Urban Agriculture Month!

Frost in the forecast! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

The temperatures are warming slowly but surely but there is still a potential for frosty nights coming up this week. If you have already planted your leafy greens and root vegetables, don’t worry. You can simply tuck them up under a floating row cover to keep the frost from getting to your plants. The row cover will also protect your garden from weed seeds and animals. Row covers let 85% of the sunlight through it so you can leave it over you plants for a week or so.

Planting and transplanting your early vegetables.

Our leafy greens and root vegetable seedlings are ready! You can come find them and lots of other helpful gardening materials and supplies at our garden center. It is also a good time to start thinking of sowing your root vegetable seeds in your garden and transplanting any leafy greens you may have started inside. If you need a little help with this process you can visit our blog for useful tips, come to one of our upcoming workshops with Tereska, or sign up for a garden coaching session with one of our experts.

It’s Urban Agriculture Month!

May is urban agriculture Month at Grand Potager!  A variety of activities are available in the greenhouses. Depending on the events, you can discover mushroom growing in the city as well as learn how to create, plant and maintain your first vegetable garden. Take advantage of the expertise of urbanagriculture specialists during workshops and training sessions!