May 8th Newsletter

What about this hot dry weather? While it is absolutely fabulous for frolicking in the sunshine, it is the most persistent drought at this time of year in more that 50 years. It is therefor essential that you provide
your gardens with enough water. Remember that it is much better for you to water deeply for a long time, than watering a little bit every day. Light watering will only encourage the roots of your plants to turn upwards to the surface of the soil and your veggies will be more vulnerable to drying out.

Some of the radishes have all ended up in clumps in one spot in the garden. I assume this is because the seeds traveled around during the initial watering before sprouting. It is important that the vegetables are well spaced out in your garden.

If this is the case you can carefully scoop them up in a big handful of soil and equally space them out in the square (four rows of four). Try not to touch the root or the stem. Hold the seedling by the leaves instead. It is important not to disturb the root, or bruise the stem. Leaves will just keep on growing if you damage them.

Otherwise, if several seeds were planted in the same hole, you can simply thin them by cutting or pinching the excess seedlings. It is important that you do not leave all your seedlings clumped together, because they will compete for space and resources.

Many Sprouts

Single Sprout

You may notice some small soft bodied insects on some of your plants. If so, wipe them off with a wet, soapy cloth, or knock them off with a strong jet of water.

Some of your seedlings outer leaves may have gotten wilty or started to yellow. This is due to our unseasonably warm spring and a little bit of transplant shock. You can simply remove the sad leaves and the rest of the plant should perk up nicely.

If you haven’t already, you can start harvesting your lettuce. Break or snip off the big outer leaves of your lettuces and let the inner leaves continue to grow. I encourage you to take your salad bowl directly into the garden and take a couple of leaves from each plant. This will give you a beautiful mixed salad.

By the way, I love getting your pictures like this delicious salad from one of our clients:


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