Offer gardening as a gift!

Give the gift of vegetable gardening 

Gardening is not only a relaxing and enriching activity, it is also a great time to spend with your family, and an excellent gift to give to yourself or a loved one; the gift of knowing how to grow your own food, and the understanding of how the fruits and vegetables grow that we eat every day! This year for the holidays, Semis Urbains proposes offering a gift certificate as a gift to introduce young and old to urban agriculture through a series of workshops to be held in 2019 at our the Verdun Greenhouses.

An Urban Seedling gift certificate as a gift

Offer an Urban Seed Gift certificate (in the amount of your choice) redeemable at our Garden Centre located in Verdun, where you can purchase a wide range of tools and essential items to maintain your garden in addition to our organic seeds. This gift certificate is also be valid to participate in our various workshops held throughout the year at the Verdun Greenhouses.

The certificate offered can be used for the following services :

    • Series of workshops offered by Urban Seedling in the spring;
    • Products for sale at our Garden Centre located at the Verdun Greenhouses;
    • Various vegetable garden creation services, horticulture or edible landscaping services.

Offering agriculture as a gift means offering autonomy!

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