Preparing for cooler crops

Organic fall planting seedlings

Replanting leafy greens for the fall

The weather is slowly shifting, the nights and mornings are cooler. This means it’s time to start thinking about replanting the garden with fresh greens for the fall. This week we received beautiful leafy green seedlings in our greenhouse. These leafy greens enjoy the cool weather and are eagerly awaiting to be planted in your gardens. A fall planting enables you to maximize your garden space and revitalize the garden. In preparation, clear out any plants you do not like, or that are not doing very well to be filled with fresh lettuce, asian greens, kale, swiss chard or radishes. We are very sad to inform all of you that we have had a crop failure with our spinach, and will not be able to offer spinach this fall. However, we have an abundance of delicious leafy greens to fill the spots in your gardens.

We are excited to come and visit your Urban Seedling gardens for the fall replants. For those Urban Seedling gardens, we will be in touch 3 days before your replant is scheduled. Once we get in touch with you,  please make sure to clean out your garden of anything that you are not happy with or that is ready to harvest and we will replace it with cool weather veggies.

The other vegetables still need your care! Remember to harvest early and often from your garden. Keep up your weeding and watering to make sure that the summer crops continue to do well. If there is to much competition from other plants (look out for those weeds!) in the garden, your vegetables will not produce. Make sure to tie up thetomatoes on your trellis and remove any branches that you are not able to get on the trellis. We do not want them shading your pepper and eggplants, they need lots of sun to produce delicious vegetables. Remember to remove any diseased leaves from cucumbers, zucchini and tomato plants. As needed spray your affected plants with a baking soda solution every 3 to 4 days to keep disease under control. Once the hot weather is over, powdery mildew will stop as well.

Remember that you  can communicate with us at any time about observations in your garden. You can send us photos at info@urbanseedling for advice on your garden. We always like to hear from you and see how your gardens are doing.

Fall vegetable planting -with danika