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Vigorous, high-yielding dark purple snap beans. Beautiful plants with violet flowers and dark green leaves with contrasting purple undersides and stems. Good harvest of sweet, tender beans with brown seeds, in a variety of conditions. French heirloom dating back to the 18th century. Tolerates heat, cold and drought. Pods grow to 15-18 cm (6-7″).

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Botanical name
Phaseolus vulgaris


Sow the seeds 10-20 cm (4-8″) apart in rows that are 60-90 cm (24-36″) apart. Pole beans need a support structure at least 2 m (6′) high; the vines can grow 1.5-3 m (5-10′) long.

Lay seeds on their side and cover with 2 cm (1″) of soil. Firm the soil with your fingers.

Hot and sunny. Loamy soil, pH around 6-6.5.

Aphids and spider mites. Both can be washed off with a hard jet of water.

Direct sow starting in mid-May. Warm-weather crop. Best soil temperature is at least 21°C (70°F). Can have an earlier first harvest if you start seeds indoors. Beans do not love to be transplanted, so handle with care. In our experience, plants started from seeds caught up to the transplants very quickly and the end result was not that different.

Seeds will sprout in 6-10 days.

Apart from daily watering, your only care consists of spraying leaves with kelp fertilizer periodically to boost nutrient uptake.

Days to maturity
65 days

Warm, annual