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Purple, red, yellow and orange carrots. A surprise every time you pull up a top! All delicious, heirloom varieties with quick harvest times.

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Botanical name
Daucus carota


Thin to 16 seeds per square foot in 4 rows of 4.

Sprinkle the tiny seeds on top of the soil, then sprinkle soil on top of the seeds. When dispersing the seeds, try to respect the final 16 plants per square foot spacing so you don’t have to spend too much time thinning the plants when they sprout.

Full sun. Warm weather to germinate, cool to mature. pH around 6-6.5

Seeds will sprout in 14-21 days.

We have not had any pests or diseases with our carrots in all the years we have been growing them in the city.

Carrots like warm weather to germinate and cool weather to mature. The best time to plant them in our climate is for the fall harvest. Direct sow at the end of August or early September to harvest in October or November.

Thin seeds to one per spot. Very low-maintenance vegetable. Just make sure your soil is loose and friable. If the carrot root encounters a rock or clump of soil, it will split to go around the obstacle.

65 days

Cool, annual

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