Cherry Tree – Stella


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Self-pollinating cherry tree (although fruiting will usually be improved if there is a compatible partner of a different variety nearby).

Height – Stella will grow to about 3m / 10ft tall when it has reached maturity after about 7 years. Can be pruned to grow at 2m / 7ft, and still produce a full harvest.

Planting and Care – Best grown in loamy, moderately fertile soil in full sun. If grown in pots keep well watered. Apply a low-nitrogen fertilizer such as 5-10-10 in early spring, about a month before flowering. Prune young cherry trees during winter dormancy to shape them. Plant trees at a minimum of 35 feet apart. Best to transfer into the ground in spring or fall. Grows well in hardiness zones 5 through 8.

What to expect – Beautiful frilly cherry blossoms in spring. A bounty of sweet, ruby, heart-shaped fruit in summer (as of June).