Coffee (Arabica variety)


Plant sold at 5-6 inches high in a 2 inch wide pot. Will start to bloom at 3 ft high.

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Ethiopian Coffea Arrabica can grow to 150cm in a pot, and has low light requirement, which makes this an ideal houseplant. Evergreen shiny green leaves, white blossoms and eventual red coffee bean fruit makes this a lovely decorative conversation piece at home.
Coffee Plant Care
Avoid placing in direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Place some rocks at the bottom of the pot to help with drainage. Mist often (likes humidity). Add some compost and aim for a slightly acidic soil (some people add a small squeeze of lemon juice from time to time!). Fertilize every fortnight during growing season, but only after one year. Re-pot to a bigger pot in spring every year or so as needed. Prune slightly in early spring. Water and fertilize less in winter.
Harvesting your Coffee Plant
Harvest the fruit once they are bright red. Scrape the fruit pulp off. The bean inside will be light yellow. Let it dry on a paper, turning once or twice a day. Once dried, the beans may be roasted. Wait 24 to 72 hours before grinding.