Cuban Oregano


Produced by Hamidou Horticulture. 1 gallon pot

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Cuban Oregano is versatile; it makes for a beautiful garden annual, a fragrant attraction for pollinators, a perennial succulent houseplant, a delicious cooking herb, and it has many traditional medicinal properties and uses. This herb is used in the West Indies in jerk seasoning. In Quebec, try placing this plant in a pot outside in the summer, and inside at a sunny window in the winter.

Plant Care
This plant can grow to 18 inches tall. Plant in a container with drainage, in soil blended with organic compost and peat moss. Make sure that the soil remains damp, but not soaking. Cuban Oregano will thrive in full or part sun, with a little afternoon shade to prevent burning leaf tips. This is a low maintenance, drought resistant plant.

Bloom and Harvest
This plant will produce purple flowers during the summer. When harvesting herbs, pinch the tips to allow the plant to bush out. Never harvest more than a third of the plant at a time. Can be used either dried or fresh, whole or crushed. Place a stem cutting in water to propagate.