Lettuce – Deer Tongue


The name, comes from its pointed leaves that are triangularly shaped with green straight edges. The olive-green triangular leaves are perfect for baby salad greens. The sweet and tender leaves grow to a point, then spiral around the plant to look like a 18-20 cm (7-8″) pinwheel. An heirloom that is excellent for home gardens, as it is heat resistant, compact and very slow to bolt.  Has a rich nutty flavour that doesn’t turn bitter.

Price is for seed packets. Plants are available at store.

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Botanical name
Lactuca sativa


4 per square foot

Sprinkle the tiny seeds on top of the soil, then sprinkle soil on top of the seeds. When dispersing the seeds, try to respect the final 4 plants per square foot spacing so you don’t have to spend too much time thinning the plants when they sprout.

Best in full sun, but can handle a bit of shade. pH around 6-6.5.

Seeds will sprout in 7-10 days.

Can be bothered by slugs or aphids. Pick off slugs at dusk and destroy. Wash off aphids with a strong jet of water.

Direct sow in the early spring and in the fall, or start transplants 2 or 3 weeks before hand to get an early start. Will get tough and bitter in hot weather.

Provide lettuce with lots of water and keep an eye out for slugs. Otherwise stand back and let it grow.

50 days

Cool, annual

Salad Greens
Lettuce Leaf Guide