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This ancient Asian vegetable is rapidly growing in popularity in America. Edamame translates as “beans on branches” — it grows bunches of beans on well-branched shrubby plants. Each green pod contains two or three delicious seeds with a sweet, nutty flavour. Earliest green soybean. Upright 61-cm (2′) plants ripen early. Boil fresh in the pod at green stage. After boiling remove beans from pod to eat. Or, leave to mature and use as a dry, bright green bean. Exceptional quality and yields.

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Botanical name
Glycine max


8 per square foot in 2 rows of 4. Does better with some support. Could even be a wire wicket bent at 30 cm (12″).

Lay seeds on their side and cover with 2 cm (1″) of soil. Firm the soil with your fingers.

Hot and sunny. Loamy soil, pH around 6-6.5.

Seeds will sprout in 6-16 days.

Aphids and spider mites. Both can be washed off with a hard jet of water.

Direct sow starting in mid-May. Warm-weather crop. Best soil temperature is at least 21°C (70°F). Since all the pods on a plant are ready to pick at once, make successive sowings — every week or two — to ensure fresh edamame all summer long.

Apart from daily watering, your only care consists of spraying leaves with kelp fertilizer periodically to boost nutrient uptake.

Days to maturity

Warm, annual