Pepper, Hot – Ho Chi Minh


A cayenne pepper originating in Southeast Asia. Peppers 10-15 cm (4-6″) long on 90-cm (3′) plants. Peppers plants grow like large fingers turning from green to bright yellow to orange-yellow in late summer or fall. A prolific producer with up to two dozen great-tasting fruit per plant. Heat rating 30 000 Scovilles.

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Botanical name
Capsicum annuum


1 per square foot

Plant seeds no deeper than 6 mm (¼”) deep.

Hot hot sun. pH around 6-6.5.

Seeds will sprout in 10-21 days.

Not affected by many pests or diseases. Can be used to keep pests away from the garden.

Plant seeds indoors in early March to plant transplants in the garden in late May.

In our short growing season, peppers need to be started indoors in the early spring. You can purchase seedlings at a garden centre, or start seeds yourself for transplanting. Once your pepper is in the ground, cover the ground with dark river stones to trap the sun’s heat and keep the roots warm when the temperature drops at night. Peppers can benefit from regular sprays with kelp fertilizer while they are setting fruit.

75 days

Warm, annual

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