Premium Organic Soil Mix – Potting and Amendment – 20L


Pagonis Organic Soil Mix – Potting soil and Soil Amendment – .5/.5/.5
20% Worm Castings, 30% plant based compost, sphagnum, peat and perlite

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Soil Organisms play an incredibly important role in soil structure. Our premium soil amendments contain a multitude of these organisms that include beneficial bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, fungi and so much more. In a healthy soil ecosystem, soil organisms work together to transform and maximise available nutrients to be used as food for plants. Use as a potting soil, or mix into your garden beds.
All natural, odourless and non-toxic, neutral Ph.
Rich in humus, improves soil structure and aeration.
Adds beneficial micro-organisms for pathogen control – protects against disease.
Safe to use on annuals, perennials, seedlings, cacti and succulents.
Demonstrated fungicide and insect repelling properties.
Contains essential plant nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms.
Vitamins, Enzymes and plant growth promoters such as Auxins and Gibberellins.
Increased plant growth rate, excellent water retention which reduces irrigation.