Rapini – Spring Raab


Also known as broccoli raab, rabe, and broccoletto, this heirloom variety resembles asparagus more than it does the large domed broccoli of today. It has small leaves and long, tender stems topped with delicate 2.5-cm (1″) flower bud clusters. With a flavour reminiscent of sprouting broccoli, rapini is a great addition to salads or sautéed vegetable dishes. Early and productive, with excellent side shoot production.

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Botanical name
Brassica rapa


1 per square foot. Very tall, back row only. Plants grow to on 52-cm (22″) tall.

Plant seeds 1 cm (½”) deep, indoors.

Full sun is best, but will tolerate some shade. pH around 6-6.5.

Seeds will sprout in 6-10 days.

If the soil is rich and healthy and plants get enough water, the rapini will be very resistant to pests or diseases. Keep an eye out for cabbage moth caterpillars (cabbage worms). Hand pick these bright green 2-cm (1″) caterpillars off of the underside of leaves.

Plant from early spring to late summer. Transplant out when seedlings are 7 cm (3″) high. Set plants 2.5 cm (1″) deeper than they were grown inside the pots. Plant out with your spring planting in early April.

Make sure to cut leaves that spread over into neighbouring squares so they don’t shade other plants. Harvest promptly, once the buds flower. Rapini gets rather bitter.

55 days

Cool, annual