Cucumber – Tournesol Field Cuke


This local green cucumber was developed for the Montreal climate by Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm as the best market cucumber for our area.  Fruit grows to 15-20 cm (6-8″).

Price is for seed packets. 1g +/-35 seeds per packet.

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Botanical name
Cucumis sativus


1 plant per square foot in front of a trellis.

Plant seeds 2½  cm (1″) deep. Germination will be delayed if seeds are planted too deeply.

Hot and sunny. pH around 6-6.5.

Seeds will sprout in 3-6 days.

Several diseases attack cucumbers, but problems with this plant are mostly caused by cultural practices that stress the plants. Make sure you keep the garden clean and tidy, water consistently and avoid spraying water directly on to the leaves. Cucumber beetles are our biggest problem, along with powdery mildew. Several home sprays are effective against powdery mildew: Spray any of the following at 7-10 day intervals. 1 tsp baking soda and 1 quart of water with a squirt of dish soap, or 1 part milk to 9 parts of water.

Direct sow in late May, or start transplants two weeks before planting to get a head start.

Mulch to keep up soil moisture and temperature and cover with insect netting to keep cucumber beetles away until plants start flowering. Cucumbers benefit from extra nutrition from periodic compost / fertilizer applications.

90 days

Warm, annual