Tomato – Green Zebra


These beautiful, zingy, early tomatoes are not only unusual, but very tasty. Their bright green and yellow stripes are striking and the taste is simultaneously sweet and tangy. This medium-sized tomato matures by mid season and forms golf-ball-sized 60-g (3-oz) fruits that are mottled lime green streaked with yellow. Indeterminate.

Price is for seed packets. 0.2g +/-50 seeds per packet. Plants are available at store. 

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Botanical name
Lycopersicum esculentum


1 per square foot. Climbing.

Plant seeds 1 cm (½”) deep, indoors.

Full sun, hot weather plant. pH around 6-6.5.

Seeds will sprout in 7-14 days.

Tomatoes are susceptible to some fungal diseases, but problems with this plant are mostly caused by cultural practices that stress the plants. Make sure you keep the garden clean and tidy, water consistently and avoid directly spraying water onto the leaves. When plants get off to a good start, few pests will bother them. Protect young plants with floating row covers that are removed when flowering starts.

Start tomatoes indoors in early April indoors under bright lights. Transplant into the garden at the mid to late May. Night-time temperatures need to be reliably above 10°C (50°F) to avoid shocking the seedlings. Before planting, pluck off the lower two thirds of branches and leaves to increase root growth. You won’t believe the difference in growth rate and especially in the yield.

Best to have them climb a trellis to save space and keep pests away. Indeterminate tomatoes keep shooting off suckers, or side shoots, from the crotch between the stem and a branch. Pinch out the suckers to have the tomato plant focus its energy on producing fruit.

80 days

Warm, annual

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