Roquette, Brassicas, Kraut and Vingears

Organic Flowers

The most important thing to remember at this time of year is to make space for each plant in your garden. Any leafy greens or brassicas that have gone to seed (really tall and making flowers and seed pods) need to come out of the garden. Remove any large leaves that are overshadowing other plants. Any radish needs to come out of the garden. Most lettuces have gone to seed and need to come out as well.

If you have brocoli in your garden it is likely going to flower. Harvest now! Cabbages are also ready to harvest at this time. Harvest before they start to split. Splitting usually happens after a big rain fall. Harvest heads as soon as possible. Make a delicious kraut to enjoy this summer and fall with all your barbecued veggies and meats. All you need is salt and cabbage! Check out our fermentation workshop this fall.

If you  have peas in your garden, harvest time is here. Harvest your peas early and often! The more you pick, the more you will get. Enjoy them while the harvest lasts. Remember peas shoots also make a delicious addition to a salad. Continue helping your tomatoes onto the trellis as they grow, gently twining them onto your trellis netting. It is important to remove any suckersthat you cannot find space for on the trellis.

The roquette (arugula and sylveltta) is flowering white and yellow flowers. Make sure to cut back flowers to keep your plants producing. Cut back the flowering stocks at the base and do not forget to enjoy the flowers in your next salad!

If you have not harvested your garlic scapes do so now! It is important to remove them all from the garlic plant so that the plant’s energy goes into producing bulbs instead of flowers. The scape is the curled end above the top leaves. Simply snip off. You can chop it up to add to any dish, throw them on the bbq or blend all of them together to add to a pesto. They are a delicious delicacy – so be sure to enjoy!

The herbs are growing nice and big now. Use them to prepare aromatic and savoury vinegars. Harvest on a dry day, chop herbs and cover with apple cider vinegar, white or red wine vinegar. Let it infuse for 6 weeks, stain and pour it into a nice bottle. Great for marinades, salad dressings and they make a wonderful gift! This glowing nasturtium vinegar has a bit of a kick but delicious for those who like it spicy!

Nasturtium Vinigar

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