Season Opener – Gardens a go!

Spring Garden Planting

Hello hello! 2016 is in like a lion and we are ready to go.

We have a great upcoming workshop on how to produce grade A top quality home compost and the best soil fertility program. For the Love of Plants: Composting, Companion Planting and Soil Fertility on 30th April, 2016. Click on the link for more info and to sign up.

We started to replant the vegetable gardens today. If you are a replant customer, we will be in touch 3 days before you are scheduled to let you know when we are coming. Please make sure your water is turned on, and your garden is accessible.

In the mean time, please remove the plastic that is covering the garlic, but leave it on the rest of the garden to help heat the soil and keep out weed seeds. We will cover your garden with a floating row cover after it is planted to keep your garden protected over the next few weeks. This will give your tender seedlings an extra 3 or 4 degrees when the nights get cool.

To plan your garden, we have our fancy new Garden Planning App. It is still in the Beta testing phase, so thank you for your help working through any bugs that come up. All replant clients should have received a link to their garden plan, so if you haven’t or are having any problems with the App please let us know so we can help you through the process, or fix any bugs on the back end.

If you have an irrigation system and need an opening visit to check for leaks, fix any broken parts and set the water timer, please let us know.

Happy Gardening!