Start thinning your root vegetables?

Start thinning your root vegetables

For gardeners that planted early, your root vegetables radish, beets and carrots are starting to sprout. Every plant needs enough space to grow and be happy, this means thinning. Thinning means removing the weak looking sprouts and leaving the strongest looking ones. Carrots and radish need 2 inches (5 cm) and beets need 3 inches (7 cm). To help you better thin your root vegetable check out our video and thinning page for a visual aid and tips

Planting fruiting vegetables

Starting next week temperatures will be above 10 degrees at night, this means that we can start planting fruiting vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Plants will be available for sale in our garden centre starting next week. Fruiting vegetables should be planted one per square foot. Click here For tips on transplanting your fruiting vegetables into the garden 

Visit our garden centre

If you have not started your garden yet, don’t worry!  Our garden centre is open all weekend 10- 4pm including this holiday Monday from 10-4pm. Come in and consult with our garden centre experts for all your gardening needs. We can help you select all your plant and seeds to get you started gardening.

Urban Agriculture Month continues!

Coming up for Urban Agriculture Month in the Grand Potager: Come and discover how to grow ethnic and rare plants, the mysteries of hops, urbanbeekeeping and learn how to make a successful garden in a low light situation!

 May 22nd – Low-light Gardening: Making it work! with Urban Homestead Montreal – Autosuffisance urbaine Montréal

 May 23rd – Culture du houblon urbain with Montréal Houblonnière and Botaphyte 

 May 26th – Les abeilles et l’apiculture en ville with Rucher Reine Noire

 May 29th – La culture des légumes ethniques et rares with Hamidou Horticulture