Urban Seedling workshops for school

With the “Seed to plate certificate” workshops of Urban Seedling, make your school even greener!

It is a well-known fact that children love getting their hands dirty! With vegetable gardens in their schools, children have an exceptional opportunity to learn where their food comes from while developing an interest in growing fresh vegetables. It offers a chance for participatory education in the context of outdoor activities!

The Urban Seedling workshops offer participating schools a complete service from planning, construction, planting and maintenance of their garden. Through this program, we aim to fully involve students and teachers in workshops that focus on vegetable gardening. In addition, we offer summer maintenance services to keep your garden healthy!

Workshops and customized programs

We can also customize the workshops offered to meet the wants and needs of your establishment, whether by installing indoor growing solutions, offering additional workshops or proposing new workshop ideas (parent-child workshops, workshops for teachers, etc.).

A vegetable garden is a wonderful way to build relationships with the community, between parents and teachers, and between the children themselves.

Our typical workshop curriculum includes:

1. Garden closing and garlic planting – Late October.

2. Biodiversity: Beneficial insects in the ecosystem – Mid November.

3. Composting: Living soils workshop – Mid December.

4. Garden Planning: Kids plan out what to plant in the gardens – Mid February.

5. Seed starting: Kids set up the system and plant seedlings for their gardens – Mid March.

6. Garden planting: Kids plant their seedlings in the gardens outside – Beginning of May

7. Garden planting and Maintenance: Kids plant summer seedlings outside, learn about garden maintenance tasks – Beginning of June.

8. Harvest party: Harvest all of the vegetables in the vegetable garden and make a huge communal salad – Late September.

The order of the workshops can be easily changed depending on when you choose to implement the program in your school.